Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lost time

OK guys-no art lately cuz had another project-
see my other Blog about Honey

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

End of June

I can't believe the month is almost over. Miles and Kim had an engagement party on Sunday. The weather was perfect and it was so nice the family was all there, Kim and Miles friends, some of my friends, and Kim's family was there. It was fun! Unfortunately I am mad I didn't take pictures! Heather took some. I'll have to try and get them and post them.

In the meantime - THESE are my postcards!!They came out very nice! I have one flipped over so you can see the back. They are on Strathmore blank watercolor paper post cards, I then used double stick tape and a little glue stick to put the photos on.  Just so you know- I scanned the originals then had 3x5 prints made.
When I get my 5 from the world-I will post those!              LIBERATE YOUR ART!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Warm Evenings

Wow! Finally! its hot with warm evenings!! My tomato is happy and growing 2 inches a day! Lots of blossoms and soon-tomatoes with taste!
I have the radio on while I go here and there and the other day Dennis Miller said something just as he broke to commercial- " Be home when the street lights come on."

I had a flashback! The summer nights when I was about 10-12 years old. The neighborhood kids would all be playing outside (inner San Francisco) and that was the RULE -boy you had better be home when the street lights came on or you would face mom wrath. If  I wasn't home,  and she came after me- that would be it. She would find me and DRAG me home by the EAR!!
I have also entered and soon to complete my post cards for the Liberate Your Art challenge. Its kind of like Guerrilla art. You prepare post card (5) then the moderator mails them out around the world! I will also get 5 from random people! Fun.
I have decided to use-the OP (oil pastel) from a previous post here, and Nora's present and this one you haven't seen

Yes - its Marla. She'll be traveling flat Stanley style.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June buzz

Yesterday I actually put a bit in the mouth of a young horse I have been working with for 3 weeks. She is at my friends house in Pilot Hill. Honey, is her name. She came to Elke's as a rescue horse. Elke takes them in and gentles them so the rescue group can  find them a home.  Elke spent most of the winter -between ALL that rain- just getting her used to friendly humans. But Elke doesn't really have the time to take the training up a notch. Elke was unable to catch her -so I offered to take on the horse. I could see upon meeting her that she was really a kind horse- fearful and untrained.  Honey was jumpy at just being touched. I told Elke I couldn't work with her with her feet so long- so she called her (very kind farrier) out to trim. He did the front feet but got kicked by her rear  foot-so no trim there. I said I would work on that and we would call him back.  One of the thing a farrier does is wrap his leg around the horses to hold the foot (yeah-right) So I have been working on that too (eek) but I can do it for a short time- I am working on holding it longer and longer. Now 3 weeks later- here are some incredible pics that Elke took ; one shes nuzzling my hand - this after I had put a bit in her mouth for the first time. The pics were taken after our "work" session- this is the third time with the saddle on. Oh- it was a lot of work EVERY day- but 3 weeks not bad- I am smitten with this very nice animal!!

Notice how relaxed she is. foot cocked, head low. And me in my "please no sun on me " outfit !

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nora's present

My friend has a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ranger-I made this for her birthday! its on a 8x10 canvas board  from wal-mart. acrylic background. I found a picture I had of him, blew his face up a little. I then found a cover picture, from Cowboys and Indians mag- (its a Paul Newman body-LOL). I cut a slit in the hat and slid Ranger's head there and collaged the rest.  Too funny that the dog was wearing a neck scarf that goes very well!!!
 This was fun to do. I'd like to do one for all my doggy pals.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A busy Sunday

 On the way home I did a Hollywood stop at the Hwy 49-193 intersection. If you don't know what a "Hollywood Stop" is go here. Oh Lucky me- He said, "you didn't stop at the stop sign."  I saw him sitting at the corner but I had already put my foot on the gas pedal! He asked for all my particulars- then I said "Yeah- I guess I didn't stop very well." Then he handed my license etc back and said- he's watching me and I had better stop the next time. Smiling of course-Whew-just a warning!

It was a busy Sunday.  I have a new project. I've agreed to help my friend with a rescue horse. She doesn't have a lot of time so I went out yesterday and today- and have made little by little progress. Actually my friend has been working with the mare for several months- feeding lots of carrots. She still is a little reluctant to take them- but she used to not even come close. The horse is wearing a halter and long rope in the pasture so she can be caught. I have plans for that...I'll take pictures tomorrow.

I rode my two FAT horses today also-actually, I rode Ruby and ponied Willy. It was a 3 hour ride. Nice, but I don't know how much fat it burned off! Here is a link for pictures of the trail. 

I painted one of my favorite flowers the other day-watercolor pencil and ink-its ok.. Next time I'm painting them with watercolor paint.

Monday, May 16, 2011

News of the moment

I had a fun weekend. My friend Elke's B&B (see it here) was one of the homes featured in the garden home tour.  It was very cold but lots of fun visiting with folks.  Here is the article from the Sacramento Bee about it.

I also took a picture of this Lily, she had in her dining room. Do you know what it is?

Sonia came up and stayed a few days and we cooked and did the usual quilt project. Except it was different-involving chemicls! Here are some photos of the blocks- it calls for creating a shadow image.

 For Mothers day I went to marine world with Heather and the family,and Aunt Kathie and the other Grandma (Barb) it was fun. Domo wanted a superman cape and I was having Deja Vu of miles!

I'm taking some workshops on the Strathmore site and I drew a scene using 40 year old oil pastels- I never knew how to use them?! So with a little You Tube help- here it is! a pge in my visiual journal.
 That's the scoop for now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IFJM Post # 7 is Project infiltration

MMM my best artwork yet !

IFJM Post #6

this was a quick one-didn't have much time, but I did have a pen :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

IFJM Post #4

I was out of town since monday night. This sketch is from the front yard.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2 IFJM post #2

It was another busy day! But at least I was able to do my post number 2. Tomorrow is Sunday and hopefully- It can be a play day for me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My April 1 IFJM post #1

Here is my post for the IFJM.  I decided to join the fun and challenge.  While I did not have a lot of time-I really wanted to start. It's all about the beginning. And  I have begun!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March

Its the end of March. It finally stopped raining! I so enjoyed the sun today. A lot has happened since October 2010. It seems like a lifetime of stuff.

It seems a creative right brain activities are what the doctor has ordered for my lack of zest and interest in the world. Ah yes all those creative outlets. Maybe I have seasonal affective disorder.  In any event I enrolled in two online courses. This one featuring the journal on your left. Its been fun and its free at Strathmore-click here. The visual journal. I also for the fun of it and the challenge - I enrolled in the Placer online course "Write Your Own Life Story".
I have also stumbled upon (yet another) online challenge, of one of the Strathmore teachers. Roz Stendahl has implemented the Fake journal. Her website is great and you should read her tribute to Dot. I feel the same about Marla.  ( Marla-she has good days and bad days.)  Click on the button to read and learn more about the Fake journal and Roz- and see her great art too!