Thursday, June 16, 2011

Warm Evenings

Wow! Finally! its hot with warm evenings!! My tomato is happy and growing 2 inches a day! Lots of blossoms and soon-tomatoes with taste!
I have the radio on while I go here and there and the other day Dennis Miller said something just as he broke to commercial- " Be home when the street lights come on."

I had a flashback! The summer nights when I was about 10-12 years old. The neighborhood kids would all be playing outside (inner San Francisco) and that was the RULE -boy you had better be home when the street lights came on or you would face mom wrath. If  I wasn't home,  and she came after me- that would be it. She would find me and DRAG me home by the EAR!!
I have also entered and soon to complete my post cards for the Liberate Your Art challenge. Its kind of like Guerrilla art. You prepare post card (5) then the moderator mails them out around the world! I will also get 5 from random people! Fun.
I have decided to use-the OP (oil pastel) from a previous post here, and Nora's present and this one you haven't seen

Yes - its Marla. She'll be traveling flat Stanley style.


Amanda Mills said...

you are doing the swap too? awesome!!
I have my cards printed (very happy with moo)
i'll be making a video of mine- once i get my camera back (so tomorrow or saturday)


Amanda Mills said...

you know flat stanley !?! wonderful,

my eldest and i sent stanleys once - it was a lot of fun