Saturday, June 11, 2011

June buzz

Yesterday I actually put a bit in the mouth of a young horse I have been working with for 3 weeks. She is at my friends house in Pilot Hill. Honey, is her name. She came to Elke's as a rescue horse. Elke takes them in and gentles them so the rescue group can  find them a home.  Elke spent most of the winter -between ALL that rain- just getting her used to friendly humans. But Elke doesn't really have the time to take the training up a notch. Elke was unable to catch her -so I offered to take on the horse. I could see upon meeting her that she was really a kind horse- fearful and untrained.  Honey was jumpy at just being touched. I told Elke I couldn't work with her with her feet so long- so she called her (very kind farrier) out to trim. He did the front feet but got kicked by her rear  foot-so no trim there. I said I would work on that and we would call him back.  One of the thing a farrier does is wrap his leg around the horses to hold the foot (yeah-right) So I have been working on that too (eek) but I can do it for a short time- I am working on holding it longer and longer. Now 3 weeks later- here are some incredible pics that Elke took ; one shes nuzzling my hand - this after I had put a bit in her mouth for the first time. The pics were taken after our "work" session- this is the third time with the saddle on. Oh- it was a lot of work EVERY day- but 3 weeks not bad- I am smitten with this very nice animal!!

Notice how relaxed she is. foot cocked, head low. And me in my "please no sun on me " outfit !

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