Friday, March 2, 2012

Ok Its is official- Marnie is my new doggy pal! No more laying in that loud smelly shelter! Cement floor and a plastic hammock. She has a home! Below I let her tell the story:

Hi ! Marnie here - I was so happy to get in the truck with mom. Left the jail! I met Stan and Tip at the dog park on the way home-we played and all was good! I got to the new digs. Sniffed around and saw toys, bones and even a kitty that was not bothered by me.

I had such a long afternoon- mom, bought me a toy, and I was so tired I fell asleep, after playing with it.

Dinner time was super- Tip and I sat and waited nicely for our meal and it was very good.

We all curled up and watched TV and settled in. Well, some of us watched TV