Sunday, May 22, 2011

A busy Sunday

 On the way home I did a Hollywood stop at the Hwy 49-193 intersection. If you don't know what a "Hollywood Stop" is go here. Oh Lucky me- He said, "you didn't stop at the stop sign."  I saw him sitting at the corner but I had already put my foot on the gas pedal! He asked for all my particulars- then I said "Yeah- I guess I didn't stop very well." Then he handed my license etc back and said- he's watching me and I had better stop the next time. Smiling of course-Whew-just a warning!

It was a busy Sunday.  I have a new project. I've agreed to help my friend with a rescue horse. She doesn't have a lot of time so I went out yesterday and today- and have made little by little progress. Actually my friend has been working with the mare for several months- feeding lots of carrots. She still is a little reluctant to take them- but she used to not even come close. The horse is wearing a halter and long rope in the pasture so she can be caught. I have plans for that...I'll take pictures tomorrow.

I rode my two FAT horses today also-actually, I rode Ruby and ponied Willy. It was a 3 hour ride. Nice, but I don't know how much fat it burned off! Here is a link for pictures of the trail. 

I painted one of my favorite flowers the other day-watercolor pencil and ink-its ok.. Next time I'm painting them with watercolor paint.

Monday, May 16, 2011

News of the moment

I had a fun weekend. My friend Elke's B&B (see it here) was one of the homes featured in the garden home tour.  It was very cold but lots of fun visiting with folks.  Here is the article from the Sacramento Bee about it.

I also took a picture of this Lily, she had in her dining room. Do you know what it is?

Sonia came up and stayed a few days and we cooked and did the usual quilt project. Except it was different-involving chemicls! Here are some photos of the blocks- it calls for creating a shadow image.

 For Mothers day I went to marine world with Heather and the family,and Aunt Kathie and the other Grandma (Barb) it was fun. Domo wanted a superman cape and I was having Deja Vu of miles!

I'm taking some workshops on the Strathmore site and I drew a scene using 40 year old oil pastels- I never knew how to use them?! So with a little You Tube help- here it is! a pge in my visiual journal.
 That's the scoop for now.