Sunday, May 22, 2011

A busy Sunday

 On the way home I did a Hollywood stop at the Hwy 49-193 intersection. If you don't know what a "Hollywood Stop" is go here. Oh Lucky me- He said, "you didn't stop at the stop sign."  I saw him sitting at the corner but I had already put my foot on the gas pedal! He asked for all my particulars- then I said "Yeah- I guess I didn't stop very well." Then he handed my license etc back and said- he's watching me and I had better stop the next time. Smiling of course-Whew-just a warning!

It was a busy Sunday.  I have a new project. I've agreed to help my friend with a rescue horse. She doesn't have a lot of time so I went out yesterday and today- and have made little by little progress. Actually my friend has been working with the mare for several months- feeding lots of carrots. She still is a little reluctant to take them- but she used to not even come close. The horse is wearing a halter and long rope in the pasture so she can be caught. I have plans for that...I'll take pictures tomorrow.

I rode my two FAT horses today also-actually, I rode Ruby and ponied Willy. It was a 3 hour ride. Nice, but I don't know how much fat it burned off! Here is a link for pictures of the trail. 

I painted one of my favorite flowers the other day-watercolor pencil and ink-its ok.. Next time I'm painting them with watercolor paint.

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Amanda Mills said...

what a beautiful trail!
love horse back riding, but only been a few times in my life.

nice journal entry too