Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Foreclosure Crisis

The housing mess is absolutely amazing. The war is amazing. What is really going on Who is getting rich because of these things? I would really like to know. Interesting reading here
 Crisis and Foreclosue scam

and here   Associated Press

I must go forward with the rest of my day! Happy Fall

Sunday, August 29, 2010

August almost gone

Today is Sunday. What a glorious day! Cool- and sprinkles too! So nice after a heat wave. I took Ruby on a nice trail ride to Cronin Ranch-rode to the river.         I never tire of seeing the river and taking the horses done for a drink. If its stll hot next week maybe we'll pack a lunch and go swimming!! Horses too!
I went with Tara and her horse Cash.  Everyone was out today enjoying the weather. A good day to Thank God. The cool weather and breeze made for a lovely ride. I'm sure we'll have more hot days before the fall weather arrives.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tea Party in the Hills

So I went to a Tea party meeting in El Dorado. Very interesting. The speaker was good, although the topic was California Gun Control. Still interesting and I think people should be allowed to have guns if they want. I think its the principal.  I like what they stand for. I like that the movement has grown. I like that people are waking up and taking interest in government. I think a good shake up is healthy. My 2 cents for the day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This week marks the beginning of summer. Now that the rain seems to have stopped its weekly visits the grass and weeds, hopefully, will slow their crazy growing cycle. I’m very tired of weed eating! All the animals are very fat from all the food. I am not complaining, because that is less money I have to spend. ($$)

My friends want to go on a moonlight ride tonight- full moon. I will think about taking both horses out.

The El Dorado fair was last week end and I took Ruby to a Working Cow clinic. I’m sure when I dismounted and followed the cowboy-who was working the cow.
Ruby thought-"OK this is good- She’s doing great!"  It was fun to do something different with her-after all she DOES come from a line of working cow horses.

Yesterday my neighbor,Val , asked me to come over and help her put fence poles up while she jumped her new horse-Wow- he is something else- a very big horse at 17 hands!! Regal looking.
She also has a new guy who I love- check them out on her blog at    Crows Ear Farm West, Inc.

Aside now from the “latest info”. How about some mind meanderings-thoughts really. I certainly like to read them (thoughts) on some of the blogs I follow. People have commented,-“Who cares?” Really- who does care- who bothers- WHY bother. Unless the FBI want to see what your up to.

I believe others simply don’t care what you have to say. While still others actually do care, get inspired, or motivated to take some action or contemplate some of the same life issues, of ups and downs. Isn’t that why we like to read some novels?  Isn't that why we enjoy talking to our friends and commiserating??
But when we read a journal or blog we get insight of what people have to say, think and believe. Some of the time its cathartic. (def.: cleansing, releasing of emotion). Other times it’s a work of art; poems, reviews and the such. There are blogs on how to do many things-cooking, sewing-ANYTHING!! I think everyone can benefit at one time or another by writing in a journal. Even if its just one of those letters- you write and never send to clear the air on some issue.

So enjoy- if you want, or surf on- and most of all be grateful for what you do have.