Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March

Its the end of March. It finally stopped raining! I so enjoyed the sun today. A lot has happened since October 2010. It seems like a lifetime of stuff.

It seems a creative right brain activities are what the doctor has ordered for my lack of zest and interest in the world. Ah yes all those creative outlets. Maybe I have seasonal affective disorder.  In any event I enrolled in two online courses. This one featuring the journal on your left. Its been fun and its free at Strathmore-click here. The visual journal. I also for the fun of it and the challenge - I enrolled in the Placer online course "Write Your Own Life Story".
I have also stumbled upon (yet another) online challenge, of one of the Strathmore teachers. Roz Stendahl has implemented the Fake journal. Her website is great and you should read her tribute to Dot. I feel the same about Marla.  ( Marla-she has good days and bad days.)  Click on the button to read and learn more about the Fake journal and Roz- and see her great art too!

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