Monday, December 14, 2009

Xmas Ponies and more

I've always had so much fun making these little ponies. I took 30 of them to the Loomis Tack sale- sold 10. There weren't too many people there-so all was good. I love to give them away cuz everyone says they are "cute" and people smile when they see them and the kids love them. I often attach them to xmas presents too.

I have a friend who sells Gourmet Bran mashes. We sold those along with the ornaments.  Horses just love the peppermint pieces along with their warm goodies! They are carried at Coo Feed, Echo Valley and others! You can order some for you and your friends! She's in Cool! And my other friend Kelly is selling homemade chocolate! for people of course! You can find it at Lee's and Chritsansens under the Name Chocolate Cowgirl! Cute designs- Happy Holidays to everyone!


Kim said...

Aww!I love these little guys. They remind me of the movie "Science of Sleep" Have you seen it?

denisethor said...

no- I haven't. I'll have to get it. Did you hear back from the Claremont

Kim said...

Not yet. But I start work at the Care Center (nursing home) tomorrow, and Monday we are going on a field trip. So that should be interesting. :)