Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Horseshoes and Chocolate

Today, this afternoon, Kelli stopped by -and LOOK what she brought by!!! A sample of her gift set of "The Chocolate Cowgirl".  It looks yummy-chocolate horseshoes, truffles and more-I can't wait to eat it. You can go to her page via the link and order- or go to a local store , mentioned in my last blog.
Don't forget about those Gourmet Bran Mashes either.
Yep, don't forget your pony friends-thereis all sorts of goodies packed in!
Alright enough of that- I've decide I guess half the fun of making those cork horses- is drinking the wine with friends. 
       The farrier came today and put shoes on the horses. So they will be going to the bay area also. Marla will stay up here, with a friend, for a while.
     I am excited to go to the Bay Area and visit friends and family. I dread the packing cuz its xmas and I must drag the presents and pack my whole office so I can continue working!!
I will also be babysitting those adorable twins!

I will have my neighbor feed the goats-They also like the Gourmet mash!
These two are like Mutt and Jeff- but its Vigo and Thunder- two nubians.

This is Tyson, as you can see he's different-he's a Toggenburg.

So my friends I believe the count down to xmas is on.
I will pack tomorrow to leave by Thursday morning so I can make Domo's first xmas play!

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Kim said...

Aww Domo is in a play?! How cute is that...

The Bay Area welcomes you with open arms :)