Thursday, December 10, 2009

I guess winter is coming fast and cold. I finally left the property today, Thursday, after being cooped up since Sunday afternoon. I could not believe , in Lotus, all the Scrub Oak trees with broken limbs! Looked like the Terminator went through. No wonder El Dorado county has power problems! the snow was so deep and heavy!
Poor Scrub Oaks said " we do dusting,NOT heavy snowfall!"

Today, it warmed up some and the thermometer did not say 0 -actually warmed up to about 45 degrees,
I know it is worse in other areas, I try to be thankful- it could be worse.

My new mantra- It could be worse.
I would like to blog more and wonder who would read it - or care. I use to keep a journal. Writing is creative- so sometimes it just doesn't flow.
Or it could be cathartic (def: any cleansing or release, as of pent up emotions-per Webster)
Or sometimes it could be random thoughts.

So perhaps I will actually start writing random thoughts or words of wisdom. Sometimes the thoughts roll around in my head and I feel I need to share or tell someone. Maybe its because I live alone and don't "chat" with others??

Marla doesnt respond well.

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Kim said...

Blogs are perfect for random thoughts of the day. I think some of the 'randoms' are the most interesting and most healing\teaching\funny. That's usually what mine are, which is probably why most of them don't make much sense.

I'm glad things are starting to get easier up there! This weather is nuts.
See you soon!